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In 2016, Mosaic spent a total of $235,058.
• 90% or $212,657 was sent to charities in South Africa.
• ONLY 10% was spent on administrative costs and fundraising expenses.

Mosaic SA is registered as a 501(c)3 charity in the US which means donations to Mosaic SA are tax deductible.
Mosaic SA’s EIN# 27-1175422

2016 Money Granted to South Africa
Potch & Paarl Build Houses 63,300
Naledi Christian Academy Building 39,370
Mosaic Monthly Donations (Unrestricted) 36,000
Potch & Paarl Transporation 25,300
Paarl Community Center 18,651
Mosaic Miscellaneous
(Music Room and Educational Initiatives)
Aid to South Africa
(West Chester University)
Total Money Granted 212,657