Work has started on the HOOP!  


This morning started with six people showing up at the container. One more person will be joining after the Saturday morning men’s group that meets at Hopewell UMC.  More people will join to help at 1pm while many of the people that started the day will only be able to stay until lunch time.  Saturdays are busy and we are thankful for the people that were willing to give their time and share their talent to work on the HOOP today!


The work today will include washing the container and getting the outside ready to be painted.  A few people will work getting the inside ready to start framing next week.  It is so exciting to see this project start!

Joe Lisowski has worked on coming up with a final plan for the inside of the container.   The original plan was for a kitchen and two meeting rooms. The current plan is to make the kitchen bigger and only have one meeting room.

Last Sunday, the congregation at Hopewell UMC was invited to sign the inside of the container writing an encouraging message, a prayer or just to sign their name to say they would be praying for this project and the people in South Africa.  2×4 boards were also available by the church entrance for people to write messages on or sign.  The Sunday school classes were able to visit the container to learn about the project and also write in the container.  See the messages below…