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March 2018 Mosaic Paarl House Warming Party

Mosaic Paarl has received the government approvals to get the water, electrical and sewer for the houses hooked up and working!  Mosaic threw a house warming party for the first five families that will be moving into houses.  A small speech was made by Nozuko for four of the families moving in.  The fifth family to move into a house was Nozuko so Nielen Bekker spoke about Nozuko before she cut the ribbon to her house.

The videos below are Nozuko’s speeches for three of the families.  Thank you Dixie Hall for filming these and posting them on Facebook!

Many of these families are moving from a shack with no running water, no electricity and no bathroom.  It is so exciting to see their lives being changed by moving into these modest three bedroom brick houses.  These houses have running water, electricity and a bathroom.


Van Rooyen Family

Komeni Family

Mbongo Family