Karen Baker with Louise and Luke Conradie
Several years ago I was lucky enough to meet this young man, Meyer Conradie, while in South Africa. Meyer was just 21, graduating from college, engaged to be married and had decided he needed to do something to help his country. His lovely fiancé, Louise, (now his beautiful wife) and he decided to take on the challenge of so many orphans in their world.

The second year he visited the US to get some support for his dreams. A friend of mine hosted an evening of contacts who did a lot of charity work. As I watched this young man listen to all of the very hard questions; and as I saw that he had already thought of all of them and had an answer, I knew that he was going to be successful and that I wanted to help in any way I could.

While I have built one (1) wall in South Africa, that is not my forte. But the administration and business stuff, well I can handle that. So we started a corporation, registered as a 501©3 for tax purposes and started spreading the word in the US. Today we have supporters in Pennsylvania, Montana, North Carolina and Georgia.

Karen Baker, President