Would you like to go to South Africa?


Mission Trips

A handful of mission trip teams go down to South Africa each year.  The trips usually last 10-14 days.  The flights generally leave from JFK or Dulles (Washington DC).

Everyone is welcome to come and help change someone’s life.

If you are interested in going on a future mission trip, please contact Cammy Brantzeg at cammybrantzeg@gmail.com.

May 2018
Mission Trip

In May 2018, a group of young adults from Hopewell UMC in Downingtown, PA went to South Africa to visit Mosaic Potch and Mosaic Paarl.

Hopewell UMC
August 2017 Mission Trip

Written by Cammy Brantzeg

Our group of nine people from Hopewell UMC in Downingtown, PA arrived in Paarl, South Africa on Monday, August 14th at dinnertime.  We only had 8 1/2 days in South Africa due to flight issues on our arrival and departure but we packed those 8 1/2 days with a lot of activities.  Our team’s “project” was to help build houses 5 and 6 at Mosaic Paarl Valley, but we were equally interested in seeing the progress and programs happening in the Mosaic Paarl Valley community center.  So, on sunny days, we worked alongside Lebo and his crew bricking up the new houses.  When it rained (and the Western Cape is in desperate need of rain), we switched to doing the finishing touches for houses 1 to 4.  We painted the walls, added an accent wall, finished the shower wall and bathtubs and installed curtains.  It is amazing what a difference paint, carpet and curtains can make to turn a house into a home!

The most memorable part of our trip was surprising Nozuko who will be moving into House #3.  Although she is only 24, she currently cares for three children and is praying about taking in a fourth child. Nozuko runs the afterschool program and life-skills training program at Mosaic Paarl Valley and is a bright light in this world.  One of Nozuko’s many talents is cooking.  Our group felt called to surprise her with an oven and refrigerator for her new house.  If you know Nozuko, you know she can talk to anyone and she always has something to say.  When we surprised her with the oven and refrigerator, she was speechless.  Nozuko blesses so many people in her daily life.  We were only able to visit briefly during the year but what a blessing it was to give Nozuko something she will use every day to bless her family and others.

The more trips that I go on the more I realize the blessing is getting to know the people involved in the daily work at Mosaic.  They are the ones changing lives in South Africa and we are blessed to be able to come alongside them on our trips to uplift and support them in their mission to help vulnerable children in South Africa.

2015 Mosaic Paarl Valley

In 2015, Mosaic had a total of four mission trip teams from the US that went down to Paarl, South Africa to work with Nielen Bekker to start Mosaic’s second location.  Their main focus was on renovating shipping containers that will be used for the Mosaic Paarl Community Center.  The video below shows the progress that was made from the first trip in August to the last trip in November.