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MosaicSA in the US


Mosaic is a charity in South Africa that has created and implements self sustaining orphan care models in their country.

Mosaic SA is a 501©3 charity in the United States. It is not a religious charity. It raises awareness and funds to be utilized in South Africa.

In the United States, if a charity is determined to be religious in nature, it can affect the way donations are made and processed. For example, one company may not have permission to match funds of an employee if the employee is donating to a religious organization.

Because the US support for the incredible efforts going on in South Africa was so great, we wanted a way to make it easy and beneficial for everyone involved. Thus, Mosaic SA was created.

In essence, Mosaic located in South Africa creates the programs, builds the buildings, teaches and nurtures to change lives. Mosaic SA located in the United States builds awareness and is the vehicle for Americans to help support this vision!!

To make a donation and see if your company will match, please click on the Donate tab at the top of this page. Thank you.