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Mosaic is a truly remarkable organization. They have created a self sustainable orphan care model that has shown incredible success. The success is due to Mosaic’s understanding that choosing only one issue to “fix” leaves everything else broken. Mosaic works on five of the major issues that overcoming poverty so challenging.

  • Orphans – Mosaic identifies families that are currently fostering or have adopted at least two orphans. With nearly 5 million orphans in South Africa, this is Mosaic’s first focus and is the major qualifier to becoming a Mosaic family.
  • Poverty – Families must be willing to work. If the parent does not have a job, Mosaic will train and create a job for them so they are responsible for for providing for their own family. Made by Mosaic is a job-creation company that was created to provide jobs for those who needed them.
  • Housing – If the family is living in less than desirable conditions, Mosaic will find volunteers to donate their time and money to build a house for the family. The house will have electricity, water, and sanitation in addition to separate bedrooms for the adults, the boys, and the girls. The house will then be rented at a very reduced rate to the family so they can experience the pride of providing for their own family.
  • Education – The Mosaic children all participate in the after school program working on reading, math, etc. It is run by long-term volunteers and enhances the education the children receive in the local schools (which isn’t as good as it should be). They also expose the children to activities outside of their local community to show them the possibilities in their lives. Mosaic understands that in order to keep the next generation out of poverty, education is their greatest weapon.
  • Life Skills – Mosaic offers different life skills training for the foster parents in their community. Subjects include parenting, health and hygiene, financial management, or any other issue that people might need help with. Mosaic continually equips its community with the tools they need to be successful.

Mosaic changes the way we think of charity. Mosaic has taught us that the most meaningful help we can give to people is the opportunity to be successful on their own. If you would like to be a part of Mosaic and all of their wonderful efforts, please consider supporting Mosaic SA by clicking on the Get Involved tab at the top of this page.